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      The Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance (EMEA) was formed in 2015 in an effort to combine the strength and expertise of several firms. As the largest group of enterprise mobility firms in Europe, the EMEA is comprised of businesses with years of combined experience in the field and a clear focus on improving the way business is done.

      Philipp Klomp, Founder and CEO of Nomasis and a founding member of the EMEA, states, “With our history of
      working at various companies in the space, our members have had a strong business and personal relationship for years. The alliance was formed on this premise of relationships and expanded based on the synergies our companies have.”

      The EMEA currently consists of four founding companies, all of which are market leaders in their respective niches: Nomasis led by Klomp, CWSI led by Founder and CEO, Ronan Murphy, EBF led by Founder and Managing Partner, Marco Foellmer, and Mobco led by Founder and CEO, Ulrik Van Schepdael.

      The idea of EMEA came about over a round of golf, where the leaders of each company noticed a common thread
      throughout conversations. Each had enterprise customers facing challenges in adoption, migration, integration, and
      implementation of mobility solutions that the firms were working on to manage and mitigate. With the rapid growth
      in the enterprise mobility market over the last decade and the countless number of vendors entering the market, the
      founders recognised that by coming together, they could better serve business customers by delivering a more comprehensive, efficient solution for mobility management. Klomp states, “We are not competing businesses, but instead play a role in delivering consultative services in the varied market sectors in which we specialise. Because we face the same challenges, as well as opportunities, the alliance allows members to share resources, knowledge, and information to best provide for enterprise clients.”

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