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      We are delighted to have guest speaker Jenny Radcliffe – aka – “The People Hacker” (jennyradcliffe.com) who is a renowned speaker and expert on this subject. Jenny has proven she is able to hack even the most secure of financial institutions or diffuse a crisis situation.

      Likened to a human lie detector, she is in fact an expert in Social Engineering (the human element of security) using her skills to help clients from corporations and law enforcement to politicians and the security industry protect themselves from malicious social engineering.

      Jenny explains how social engineering using psychological methods can be a huge threat to organisations of all sizes while revealing how that same knowledge is a valuable tool for security professionals of all types in the prevention of attacks.

      Please join us for what will be a very interesting and eye opening seminar to hear Jenny’s views on the psychology of our relationship with mobile devices, how to deal with the current ongoing risks, particularly with reference to enterprise mobility and how social engineering enables mobile devices be used as weapons against an organisation.



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