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The Challenge

The initial challenge was to deliver documents to 40 of the UCC governors in a more efficient and timely manner than printing and posting. As  the governors were staff and non-staff, some of them living in other countries remote support was crucial. The ideal solution would also help to leverage Network-Attached-Storage (NAS) service that was already deployed among UCC staff.

The Solution

Acronis Access was once again proven to be the best solution to facilitate easy, complete, and secure enterprise file sharing. It gave end-users a great experience without compromising control, security and visibility. Acronis Access provided much more than just a replacement for printing and posting documents – it made giving/revoking access easy, and allowed to remotely wipe the devices too.

Devices Rolled Out Initially

Time Required to Add New User

Weeks Project Turnaround


User Satisfaction

Arthur Shinnick

UCC IT Mnager

Great Fit

It immediately met our needs and also provided some additional features like annotation and personal folders that made it easy for us to deem it suitable as the solution of our choice.

Easy integration with existing systems

We already had the resourcing for NAS access requests, so once the folder was setup with the appropriate users, permissions and security groups, it was easy for us as administrators of the system, to map that onto the Acronis access server web-based front.

Future-proof solution

The speed at which the application develops inspires us with confidence that the application will progress well in a world where changes in mobile device technologies come at rate that is challenging for any enterprise or university to keep up with, and assures us that the application will remain agile in the face of any new shifts in technologies that will most certainly happen.

“CWSI have been great to deal with and are eager to keep an open discussion monitoring our use of the service, meeting regularly to discuss what our requirements are and to ensure the solution is meeting those requirements.”

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