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      Avoiding Bill Shock

      The Challenge

      With a workforce reliant on mobile connectivity, particularly while working in the UK and other parts of Europe, the HSA was experiencing bill shock on a regular basis due to unexpected data roaming charges. They wanted to identify and prevent unnecessary mobile costs but needed to ensure their workforce would remain productive.

      The Solution

      The HSA implemented policies on a domestic and roaming basis to curb unnecessary spending and ensure corporate compliance. These policies include blocking data- hungry applications over cellular and blocking unapproved websites. The CWSI Consultants were heavily involved in developing and implementing best practices and policies to ensure the results were successful.

      Annual Savings


      Data Consumption


      iOS Devices

      Barry Young,

      Systems Security & Telecoms Manager


      There is no point providing staff with a state of the art device only to tell them they can only make calls and use it as a calculator. We wanted staff to be able to use mapping tools, specific applications and work email, all on the go, as a means to assisting them in their everyday roles.


      Always-on Monitoring

      Before Wandera, our only method of protecting devices was via the MDM. We could see that Wandera would allow us to protect the sensitive personal data of the end user and sensitive corporate data of the organisation, to the same high standard as our desktop and laptop security. The always-on monitoring of threats and applications and user activity on the devices is simply invaluable

      “As the Wandera product evolved from primarily protecting against Bill Shock to becoming a fully-fledged Secure Gateway, so too did CWSI and their expertise with the product ensured that the Health and Safety Authority were provided with the highest level of support, service and advice wherever it was needed.”

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