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      Congratulations to our partners Eir for their Tech Excellence Award!

      The team at CWSI are delighted to have worked with Eir on the Mobility Project of the Year 2016  for the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) project for CityJet.

      A great team effort from everyone!

      Eir Business/CityJet’s winning entry for Mobility Project of the Year has the following features:

      • Weight & Balance calculations give pilots a complete loadsheet with last minute changes to sign with digital signature and an option to distribute the completed loadsheet.

      • Flight Reporting System allows pilots create various logs and reports during the flight. After landing, the logs and reports are sent directly to operational centre and authorised services.

      • Fuel Report enables ongoing management of fuel consumption and CO2 levels

      • Take-off Data Calculations and Landing Data Calculations gives pilots access to performance calculations based on actual aircraft data and on real-time airport and obstacle database (AODB), including actual Engine Out and Climb procedures.

      • Technical Log, Journey Log and other key records are maintained more effectively.

      • Integration with third party mapping and chart systems
      For the Electronic Flight Bag to work, CityJet needed reliable and affordable connectivity for the iPads.


      Security was also a key factor; the Irish Aviation Authority requires that any apps not packaged as standard with the iPad must be certified as secure and unable to interfere with flight bag operations on the devices. The company also needed to make sure that the devices were not only secure from third parties, for example in the event of loss or theft, but that they can only be used according to CityJet’s IT security policy.

      Wrapped around those core components was the requirement for a reliable support function that would be available to handle any queries or deal with any issues. Due to the always-on nature of the business, the support function needed to be available 24/7.

      Four core elements were provided by eir Business to ensure the Electronic Flight Bag works effectively:

      1. Managed Mobile Device Management (MDM) 
      A fully-managed MDM solution which enforces IT security compliance by restricting what apps can be added onto the iPads. This is achieved by disabling the App Store, remotely pushing corporate applications to devices over the air, and enforcing password locks on all devices. The MDM solution also allows lost or stolen devices to be locked and remotely wiped of corporate data, and if required, new devices can be re-enrolled and set up over the air.

      2. Mobile Data Management (Secure Internet)
      The data management solution allows CityJet to control how mobile data is accessed by the iPads. In this application, all applications are locked down to WiFi, allowing only the Paperless Flight Bag app to communicate over the mobile network. This solution gives control over mobile data consumption while leaving pilots free to use the iPads as they wish (email, web browsing etc) while on WiFi, striking a good balance between security and usability.

      3. Roaming Data
      eir Business provided a comprehensive roaming capability. Because of roaming partnerships throughout Europe, CityJet has no single point of failure across all its routes. The roaming capability from eir Business is intelligent and automatically roams to the strongest roaming partner in a particular country/city, which ensures that pilots always have reliable access to the critical data they require.

      4. Fully-Managed Service 
      Because the Electronic Flight Bag is a critical function within CityJet operations it was essential to have dedicated support whenever required. eir Business met these requirements by providing a team of dedicated account and service managers supported by pre-sales technicians, design consultants and industry experts. The entire Cityjet EFB project is supported by eir’s Customer Service Centre in Citywest with 24/7 access for pilots who may have lost or damaged their devices or who may have roaming issues while abroad.


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