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      Enterprises need to be able to empower their staff to work anywhere, any time – that’s why Bring Your Own Device or employer supplied mobile devices have become standard practice across the world. Whether you’re sending your staff client side, or they need to travel nationally or internationally, work remotely or telecommute, the working experience must be easily mobilised. While the benefits of mobile working need no extolling, there are certain consequences which must be factored into an enterprise’s decision to allow mobile working.

      Enterprise mobility management  (EMM) is certainly the most prominent factor – the ability to secure your data and devices – and CWSI is a market leader as an enterprise solution integrator for EMM.

      Following on from EMM, comes the very important issue of cost – in particular your mobile data cost management. As growing enterprises need to keep strict control over expanding costs in order to keep investors happy, it’s important to keep the operational expenditure and therefore the expenses on your profit and loss accounts to an absolute minimum. Not only that but all expenses are ultimately eating into your cash flow which is essential for keeping your business healthy and profitable. A mobile data cost management solution therefore offers a tangible return on investment which can make immediate savings to your mobile data expenses.

      CWSI is delighted to be a leading solution implementation partner of Wandera. Wandera as a solution offers a full out-of-the-box mobile data cost management solution. This highly scalable commercial product has been the solution of choice for companies everywhere, of every size, spanning a range of global industries from Mazda to Deloitte to Frontier Airlines. Why? Because of its versatility through a wide range of powerful features and its ease of use facilitated by an intelligently designed user interface. Wandera offers a user experience that is second to none, requiring straightforward training only to catapult you to curbing costs.

      Here’s how Wandera will get your savings boosted and your expenses minimalised:

      ‌• Wandera allows you to configure intelligent business rules such as allowing you to map data permissions to your organisational hierarchy.

      ‌• See running totals on current data usage totals in multiple views.

      ‌• View the top data destinations of your staff – what are they using data on?

      ‌• Set data usage thresholds and create custom notifications when reached, giving you the visibility you need to set caps contain data usage at the time it matters most.

      ‌• Configure browser messages to keep users informed of data caps, website blocks and more.

      ‌• Create blacklists and whitelists to keep user traffic within company policy and focus data usage where it matters most, ensuring value for your investment

      ‌• Compress data by up to 10% to reduce data loads

      ‌• Get a Business / Personal usage breakdown. Minimize personal usage by blocking whole categories of data such as gambling, or list specific off-limit websites, apps or domains.

      ‌• Track, cap and enforce data saving usage policies for staff while Roaming to keep high international roaming charges down.

      CWSI understands that enterprises today need the ability for information to flow freely, but also need to stem the tide on costs. That’s why Wandera is is the top choice for so many companies. It offers the flexibility to never cut staff off while in the middle of an important online conference call, yet hinder access to personal entertainment while the company is paying. Contact us to today to see how CWSI can reduce your expenses and boost your profitably using Wandera.

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