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      Enterprises have evolved to work smarter and harvest the benefits that the explosion of mobile technologies offer. Staff are no longer bound by cables to PCs. Those days are over. Smart enterprises are empowering staff to work on the move, to become high achievers and to use an array of devices, blurring the lines being personal time and the work day, between personal devices and work devices.

      Every enterprise today needs to be able to positively answer four questions, without hesitation:

      • Does your enterprise have a mobile device management solution in place to secure all your employees’ personally and company owned mobile devices which are used for work purposes?
      • Does your enterprise have a mobile application management solution in place to secure, authenticate and manage business related apps on your employees’ personal and company owned mobile devices?
      • Does your enterprise have a mobile content management solution in place to secure your corporate data across your employees’ personal  and company owned mobile devices?
      • Is your current enterprise mobility management solution going to support you in your business transformation journey to become GDPR compliant?

      If your enterprise mobility management (EMM) has a gap in any of these areas, you are exposed a high risk of a data security breach, especially if your enterprise is operating a Bring Your Own Device policy. BYOD has created a paradigm shift in the approach to security and triggered a new wave of high performance solutions to manage enterprise mobility; to manage every aspect in security from networks, OS and app vulnerabilities. As control of devices has shifted from company to end user, organizations yet remain responsible for the security of the flow of data to and from that personal mobile device – and more than responsible, punishable by EU Data Protection legislation if that data-flow is not GDPR compliant.

      CWSI is proud to be a 2016 award-winning implementation partner to MobileIron. MobileIron’s EMM platform protects enterprise information wherever it lives: in the data center, in the cloud, in mobile apps, on mobile devices, and in motion between them. Whether employees use personal or company-owned mobile devices for work, it can easily configure, deploy, secure, and manage any device or app, anywhere in the world. One of the greatest advantages of MobileIron’s solution is its ability to compartmentalize and separate the personal from the organization, protecting both parties and all the data belonging to both.

      CWSI has the expertise to reinforce your enterprise mobility management with our three security layers:

      Mobile Device Management (MDM):

      • Empower employees to be productive on the devices they own and love.
      • Secure and manage mobile devices across multiple operating systems.
      • Provide secure corporate email, automatic device configuration, and certificate-based security.
      • Selectively wipe enterprise data from the device without impacting personal data.

      Mobile Application Management (MAM):

      • Build and maintain an enterprise app storefront.
      • Secure applications on any device.
      • Authenticate end users on the device.
      • Separate business and personal apps on mobile devices.

      Mobile Content Management (MCM):

      • Secure corporate data on mobile devices without sacrificing the end-user experience.
      • Facilitate easy and secure ability to access, annotate, and share documents from email, SharePoint, and other ERP and and content management systems as well as enterprise and personal cloud services.
      • Establish DLP controls to protect corporate content from unauthorized distribution.
      • Encrypt email attachments to ensure they can only be viewed using authorized applications

      Contact CWSI today to find out how we can leverage our award-winning implementation skills and experience to enable your enterprise secure your brand and your data with MobileIron’s Enterprise Mobility Management solution.

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