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      CMDSP provides an Mobile IT Administrator the training and knowledge needed to manage an Enterprise’s mobile device use. CMDSP individuals are security practitioners who are expert in managing mobile devices so that his/her enterprise can use mobile devices securely without exposing the enterprise to any vulnerabilities.


      CMDSP Course Overview


      The Credentialed Mobile Device Security Professional is the Mobile IT Administrator within their respective organization. A CMDSP is an IT security practitioner who is an expert in managing mobile devices so that his/her enterprise can use mobile devices securely without exposing the enterprise to vulnerabilities. Mastering the concepts of this course will give the student a strong understanding of the vulnerabilities and security risks of mobile devices.


      The course objective is to prepare IT Professionals to obtain CMDSP certification. The course has a duration of two days and is divided into four domains:


      1.  Mobile Device Hardware and Industry Overview
      2.  Mobile Operating Systems
      3.  Mobile Connectivity and Network Usage
      4.  Mobile Administrator Job Functions and Requirements


      At the end of the course, the IT professional will possess a better understanding of the challenges, solutions, and tools inherent in overseeing the use of mobile devices within their enterprise. Having a strong understanding of the course material should help an IT professional pass the CMDSP certification exam, earning him/her the certificate and credential as an expert on mobile device security.




      CMDSP Pillars of Knowledge


      1. Mobile Device Hardware and Industry Overview


      This is a working understanding of how smartphone and tablet hardware work.


      1. Mobile Operating Systems


      This is an in depth understanding of the software that is installed and running on a mobile device – this includes operating systems and apps from app stores.


      1. Mobile Connectivity and Network Usage


      This domain covers all aspects of communication from the device to the outside world – cellular communication, WIFI, Bluetooth, as well as NFC (Near Field communication), and even communication while a mobile device is tethered and cabled to another computer.


      1. Mobile Administrator Job Functions and Requirements


      This domain covers all the responsibilities and tools necessary to run a Mobile support IT Division within an organization. This includes EMM, MDM, and MAM training.




      CMDSP Test Offered Around the World


      The CMDSP test is offered in over 700 locations around the globe. The test is comprised of 75 questions covering the four pillars of knowledge.


      In order to become a CMDSP the candidate must score 70% or higher.




      Who Should Take CMDSP Course


      • Mobile Device Management
      • Administrators
      • Network Administrators
      • Mobility Architects
      • Security Administrators






      To be eligible for the CMDSP®, a candidate must score in the following categories:


      Experience – Total of 3 or more points


      • 1 point for each year of relevant job experience
      • 1 point for a relevant certification (max 1)
      • 1 point for a relevant formal education degree related to IT (Associates, Bachelors, or Masters)


      Domain Knowledge – Total of 28 points or more


      • Mobile Hardware Knowledge – Maximum 10 points


      Different devices have different features on their hardware. Some are equipped with cameras while others are equipped with sensors. CMDSP candidates must have a strong understanding of the different types of existing mobile devices and be able to distinguish between each device’s hardware features. They must demonstrate how differences in design can lead to different security risks and problems.


      • Mobile Operating System Knowledge –Maximum 10 points


      The operating systems act as the core of mobile devices’ function. It is crucial for a mobile device security professional to understand the different components that make up the operating system, what kind of operating systems each mobile device uses, and the code used to enable Mobile Apps residing on the phone to perform app functions. He/She must also know the vulnerabilities that exist within the operating system, and how these vulnerabilities can be exploited. The CMDSP exam will test candidates’ knowledge of the OS, particularly for the two most popular systems: the iOS and Android.


      • Mobile Connectivity Knowledge –Maximum 10 points


      This domain will cover the ways that devices communicate with other mobile devices, computers, and the wider Internet. It will also cover data connections with cloud environments, cellular data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other networking tools. An understanding of each network system and its architecture is a bedrock fundamental to a CMDSP.


      • Job Experience Managing Mobile Devices –Maximum 10 points


      Mobile IT management within Organizations. Managing mobile devices in an enterprise setting is important. This domain covers knowledge of how to securely manage and utilise fleets of employee devices in an enterprise. This includes policies such as “bring your own device,” and other common ways and means of how mobile devices are used among enterprises. Any Mobile Strategy initiatives within an organisation to help make an organisation more mobile or better utilise mobile computing devices for business purposes is pertinent. CMDSP candidates should know which strategies and policies to implement in particular settings to protect and manage enterprise operations and data.




      Course Investment


      €1795 per 2 day course


      Next Course Dates

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