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      The use of mobile devices is exploding within Government and Enterprise organisations. Specialist knowledge in mobile security and management is a scarce commodity. The CMDSP (The Credentialed Mobile Device Security Professional) accreditation enables security practitioners and IT professionals by giving them the knowledge of how to successfully and securely manage the growing use of mobile devices within their enterprises.

      A Credentialed Mobile Device Security Professional (CMDSP®) is an information technology professional, experienced in managing mobile IT duties within an organisation. This professional’s duties typically entail installing and integrating various components of a mobile security system into an organisation’s IT architecture and ecosystem.

      A CMDSP practitioners responsibilities may include:
      • Supporting employee use of mobile devices for work related activities
      • Managing mobile device connections to enterprise systems
      • Securing mobile devices in an enterprise
      • Running MDM (Mobile Device Management) or EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) software

      Mastering the learning objectives of the CMDSP course gives the student an understanding of the vulnerabilities and security risks of mobile devices. The course lasts two days and is divided into four domains:
         1. Mobile Device Hardware and Industry Overview
         2. Mobile Operating Systems
         3. Mobile Connectivity and Network Usage
         4. Enterprise Mobility Management Strategy

      “This course gave us the insight, technical and policy knowledge which enables us to maximise the use of mobile devices within our business while mitigating risk. 
      I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone involved in enterprise mobility.”

      Conor English, CEO, VIMO

      This is the ONLY course of its kind specialising in Enterprise Mobility Security. In 2016, more and more of our clients took advantage of this training course and have benefited from the CMDSP training. They are now better equipped to deal with enterprise mobility concepts and challenges and many of them are preparing to sit the CMDSP exam and gain global recognition as Credentialed Mobile Device Security Professionals.

      Next scheduled course dates in Dublin: 27 – 28th April 2017

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