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NHS attacks and Mobile IT

Since the NHS was recently attacked with Ransomware dubbed “WannaCry”, the internet has been awash with alerts for Windows users to ensure that all their computers are patched to the latest versions. Microsoft has even released updates for Windows XP machines, which...

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IDC Workplace of the future event

IDC Workplace of the future event - Alexandra Hotel Dublin April 25th Agenda and all presentations can be found here. So last week was my first IDC event as both an attendee and a presenter. I’d like to thank IDC and MobileIron (our partner and event sponsor) for the...

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Where Is Your Mobile Estate Right Now?

Technology is a powerful enabler It has empowered enterprises who have embraced the evolution to mobile to completely transform their business processes, increase productivity and opened up new sales and communications channels with swathes of new and existing...

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Eight Tips for a Successful EMM Deployment

Recently, while browsing through EMM resources on Gartner, I stumbled across an interesting study undertaken in 2016, in it Gartner reports: “...more than half of employees who used smartphones at work rely solely on their personally owned smartphones...” That is by...

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Third Party Sandbox Solutions: Why Use It? Alternatives?

Introduction Sandboxing refers to the isolation of applications within an encrypted silo independent of the operating system. The sandboxed applications are either available by vendors or the MDM vendors provide SDKs or URLs to upload and wrap the applications. The...

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The Impacts of Mobile Maturity in the Enterprise

The Impacts of Mobile Maturity in the Enterprise A recent survey of UK and US enterprises by Synchronoss was conducted to determine the level of mobile maturity in businesses in 2017, and the effects on the enterprise of each of the maturity levels. Mobile IT is a...

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The Importance of Enterprise Data Cost Management

Enterprises need to be able to empower their staff to work anywhere, any time - that’s why Bring Your Own Device or employer supplied mobile devices have become standard practice across the world. Whether you’re sending your staff client side, or they need to travel...

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The State of Enterprise Mobility

Findings from the 2017 Synchronoss Research Survey Executive Summary Is investing in enterprise mobility worthwhile? And are the benefits of advanced mobility worth the additional investment? The first question would almost always be answered by IT and business...

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Vault7 and the CIA: This is why we need EMM

In a post-Snowden world, the recent Wikileaks dump exposing myriads of vulnerabilities and the tools the CIA use to exploit them across iOS, Android, Windows and the wider connected ecosystem shouldn't be all that surprising. This is, after all, what these secretive...

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Why Organisations Need Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprises have evolved to work smarter and harvest the benefits that the explosion of mobile technologies offer. Staff are no longer bound by cables to PCs. Those days are over. Smart enterprises are empowering staff to work on the move, to become high achievers and...

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GDPR – Overview & Implications

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was approved and adopted by the EU Parliament in April 2016. The regulation will provide a uniform law across the EU and will be in force in May 2018, giving companies and organisations two years to become compliant. The...

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Securing IBM lotus notes Traveler on iOS

In the enterprise mobile and messaging space there is a lot of focus on integration with Microsoft Exchange. However, there are still a sizable number of Enterprises running IBM Lotus Notes and they have the same requirements to secure email on mobile devices as...

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GDPR and Enterprise Mobile

There has been a lot of discussion, events, articles etc. on the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in recent weeks. It was the primary topic for discussion at the excellent DPO conference in the Aviva last week ( #dpconf17...

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Checkpoint and CWSI Partnership

PRESS RELEASE: February 21, 2017 Check Point Software Technologies Appoints CWSI To Focus On Mobile Security Threats CWSI, Ireland’s leading provider of innovative mobile solutions, has been appointed as a mobile security partner by Check Point Software Technologies,...

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Apple Device Enrollment Programme (DEP)

To understand DEP, it’s probably worth understanding Supervised Mode for Mac and iOS devices. The iPhone began life as a consumer device, and even though people used them for work, they weren’t specifically designed for this. With iOS 5, Apple introduced Supervised...

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The Importance of Device Supervision

45% of employees don't worry about security of work-related data on mobile Ponemon Institute   As iOS device and app capabilities proliferate year on year, it has become unarguably essential in the enterprise world for employers to easily configure and supervise...

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Six iOS 9.3 Features Worth Looking At

iOS 9.3 is currently in BETA and should be released in the coming weeks, however from the Developer Reference guide (publicly available) we can deduce some of the new controls we will have from EMM/MDM solutions, here are the interesting ones currently listed.  It...

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