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      In the world of mobility, the demand for an Instant Messaging solution is on the rise. Instant Messaging significantly reduces e-mail traffic and helps employees become more productive as it calls for more immediate and direct response. Employees can easily collaborate on various projects, they can instantly connect with key stakeholders, and share relevant documents. However, companies need to be aware of the dangers that non-Enterprise Instant Messaging solutions impose on data security leakage. In order to address these challenges, and to allow enterprises to maintain control of their information while allowing users communicate in an effective and familiar way, we recommend Teamwire.

      Teamwire is German-engineering at its finest for Enterprise instant messaging. Based in Munich, Teamwire conforms to all the European GDPR regulations and being European-based, this will always take the stress out of compliance. No more worrying about datacentre locations or cloud server locations.

      The Teamwire app is designed specifically for the needs of businesses, so no restraints or vulnerabilities exist.

      Teamwire features Enterprise level functionality such as:

      • 1:1 And Group Messaging with powerful advanced messaging features
      • Visual Messaging
      • Professional Content Sharing such as voice, video, photo, Office and Adobe support.
      • Integration to Enterprise products such as Sharepoint, Google Drive, Dropbox and many more.
      • Calendar sharing
      • Multi Device Availability
      • Ability to Customize App Design

      Teamwire is a powerful, flexible, secure instant messaging app for Enterprise that has become embedded in diverse enterprises across Europe, reducing their email load, and completely filling the need for a dynamic app that is easy to use, convenient but without any sacrifice on data or user security, compliance, or functionality.

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